About the company

We were founded in 2000 with a clear mission to create a quality space-saving sleeping system without compromising good looks.

I myself had been dealing with the problem of insufficient space in my apartment and had tried a sofa bed and a bed affixed to the ceiling. I realised that both methods have many shortcomings - a sofa bed is uncomfortable, difficult to unfold, and after a short period of use begins showing signs of design compromise, never mind the state of our backs. Sleeping near the ceiling and climbing up ladders also wasn't particularly comfortable.

In the end, in designing a pull down bed I started with the aim of having a bed which you wouldn't be able to recognise as a pull down bed, and a wardrobe which cannot be distinguished from a standard wardrobe. Designing this kind of system, however, placed great demands on the pull down mechanism. After difficulties during the development phase, and with the arrival of new technologies (laser manufacturing of parts, welding equipment and 6 ball bearings for turning and linear movement), a reliable and trustworthy system was achieved.

The bed frame (wardrobe) is made of solid spruce, solid oak or laminate. Varnishes and woodstains from the Austrian company ADLER proved best for surface treatment.

The result is the KLASIK system, which we have patented and does not originate in any other design. It is a unique system. We have also extended our manufacturing to include additional furniture of the same appearance, allowing you to create a complete furniture set and providing a complete interior design solution.

We also manufacture and supply a more familiar solution, pull-down beds from a wardrobe - the PRAKTIK system. In contrast to competing products, our bed has been improved by its solid spruce design, which does not give the impression of an emergency solution, as iron frames with mattresses do.

The wardrobe is manufactured with standard laminate and also comes with high quality hinges which allow the doors to be opened by 270 degrees. Here too, you can also create a set with additional pieces of furniture.

You can incorporate any standard mattress or slat frame into our beds, although you need to bear in mind that deeper mattresses result in a smaller space for accommodating your bedding.

Currently, we also have tailor-made furniture manufacturing running fully up to speed. After years of experience, we can make office furniture sets, kitchens, children's rooms or just single pieces of furniture which precisely meet your needs.

For customers and partners abroad, we can deliver one or more beds disassembled in a box, 0.7x0.7x2.1m, approx. 100kg. Delivery services can arrange this to almost anywhere in the world for minimal cost (see services).

We hope you will see the benefits of our company when making your decision and will join the other satisfied owners of our unique type of furniture.

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