Benefits of pull down beds

Use + for everyday use, long-term solution
Space + provides considerable space savings while retaining a contemporary appearance
Operation + simple to operate, even a ten-year-old child could do it
Size + single or double
Appearance + any kind of varnish, woodstain or veneer, various designs
Manufacturer + we make the complete bed - the pull down mechanism and the frame
Bed construction + single piece of furniture, the bed is an integral part of the frame
Pulling down + from the end or side
Mounting + either to the floor or wall
Mechanism + 6 ball bearings
Space + the bed is only 10 cm wider and higher than the mattress
Assembly + the bed can be placed in an alcove or corner, fitting in with the design of the room
Materials + the bed is part of the frame, which can be made from any cabinetry material
Slats + suitable for fixed laminated or adjustable slat frames
Mattress + mattresses from any manufacturer up to a depth of 17 cm
Bedding + bed folds up with bedding held in place by straps keeping your sheets rumple-free
Extras + option to supply complete made-to-measure furniture sets
Reference + thousands of customers all over Europe have been using our beds since 2000
Price + good price for a complete solution

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